Recently my husband and I bought a new home in a new city.  Time was a factor and we thought this house was at least at a point where we wouldn’t have to pour money into it right away.  Unfortunately we were wrong.  The small leak in the garage is not small and not just contained to the garage.  The kitchen didn’t have enough space for even basic pots, pans and dishes, much less pantry storage.  In essence, we bought a money pit.  So, how is it that before I even make my first mortgage payment, I find gratitude in this financial cellar?  Believe me, it is hard.  But I make a conscious effort each day to find even the littlest things to be grateful.

Each day, I log into my Facebook page and I take time to think about things around me, the people I know, the small victories and I write them down.  It helps.  I still have challenges keeping the blues away because Positive Mental Attitude is not my default setting.  But taking the time to be aware that despite the bad, there is good in life, is worth it.