My ‘default’ setting is not “sunny side up.”

When I was 10 years old, I began noticing a ‘blankness’ in my vision that I did not immediately correlate to my excruciating headaches.  When my doctor diagnosed my migraines, I was getting them on a regular basis, and he prescribed me nitroglycerin to dissolve under my tongue.  I quickly discovered that this ‘treatment’ was worse than the ailment.  When I was 14 I discovered the pain that was endometriosis which would make many days of my life filled with debilitating pain.   Given these two significant life affecting challenges, it was very easy to fall into the frustration and despair.

My life didn’t go as I expected.  But I met my life partner and soul mate because of my good and bad decisions and I would never take anything back.

Funny, I happened to play the movie “Up” today and, thanks to they story told, the movie was able to bring me  back to the most important things in my life.  They are not the leaky roof, they are not the mountain of things that need to be fixed with no money to fix them, it is about the fact I have the single most perfect person for me in my life.  I have two cats that are soft and cuddly that bring peace and affection.  And, I have some dear friends from all over the world.

When we see through the static, we can appreciate the things that make life worth living.