I recently discovered the Fuchsia plant in my new resident state of Connecticut.  This is a sneaky little plant bursts out of its shell in beautiful color and contrast.  Like Winter relinquishes itself to the Spring and rains bring life to the seeds sewn the seasons before, the steps we take, good or ill, germinate into growth.

Often I find myself questioning the decisions I made and which path leads my husband and me to a life where we can enjoy one another with some security that we won’t end up eating cat food in our old age.  Every decision leads to an uncertain future, yet every experience is an opportunity for growth.  

Being grateful helps me get through the hard days, and the biggest challenges.  Every day I am grateful I have an amazing partner in life.  Having a best friend and partner who loves me through the good and bad makes everything better.  I am very lucky to have found him.  His humor and dedication to us as a team brightens my days and gives me something to hang on to even in the toughest times.  Knowing some amazing people and keeping touch too helps me to remain grateful.  I have friends in many different stages in life and their experiences and lives inspire me and give me the opportunity for learning from experience.

I am a lucky person.