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Grateful people are happy people.


August 2014

What sorts of things make you happy?

 What things in life bring you joy/happiness?

Wind pushed these pine cones into marching order.

I have to admit, the simple things in life really do may me happier than then things.  However, I do like my things that make my life more connected.

What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet

Funny, I hadn’t thought of it this way. I remember black and white TV without remotes, I also remember the first personal computers, programming in basic on my Atari 800 and a tape drive. Amazing how far we have come.

Building my brand.

Colorado Love lock found on the Love Locks Bridge in Paris, France.
Colorado Love lock found on the Love Locks Bridge in Paris, France.

After an amazing trip with the love of my life, I come home to Connecticut and realized that I am not warming up to the state, or even this part of the country. But, I work in a job where I am respected, I am able to make decisions with a good level of autonomy, and to feel I am making an impact on the company I serve… pretty much exactly what I asked the Universe to provide through my skills, education, and strengths.

So, why is it not everything I ever wanted?  I wasn’t specific enough.  I want the whole package, a job I enjoy, feeling that I am helping the success of the company each day, and a life that the job supplements.

Recently, I came across an article, written by the Human Workplace, talking about being too smart for the job you have and it mentioned a point that I have been guilty of, in the past, and experienced in my work:  

The choir sings from the Tried It – Didn’t Work! hymnal.

This hit home in two ways:  1.  I have been guilty of signing the “tried it” song when I felt very little power to affect change, and 2.  I heard that when I wanted to introduce a new approach in my job.  

People need to feel that there is value in the work they do and without worry about paying for their house and home needs on their earnings.  So, it is my new mission to fight for that in my work.  Not take ‘we tried that – it didn’t work’ as an acceptable answer. And… build my personal brand.

I am grateful for all the experiences I have had, and I have no regrets in life, because every decision and every mistake helped me become the person I am and helped guide my path.  No decision (excluding the end of life) is permanent.  Mistakes made are lessons learned.  

Now it is time to build and sell my personal brand and determine where my path may lead.  I am grateful that my husband is such a great partner in my life and is willing to jump with my in the hope that we will find a utopia that works for us.

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