2015-07-03 19.42.542015 was full of many ups and downs for me.  I wasn’t feeling very grateful the first portion of the year.  A family illness was the catalyst to move our butts back to Colorado, only to have a flooded basement that insurance didn’t cover.

But, some of the worst circumstances can be blessings in disguise.  I was able to return to my former employer; a good reason never to burn bridges you may need to cross again.  They took me in and I was able to learn many new things.  Now, I am embarking on a new opportunity where I can leverage my strengths and I am very excited.

So, now it is 2016.  I am back in a place that makes me happy.  I have good quality friendships.  A social life that sometimes conflicts with other social opportunities.  And, my family and I are pulling together to heal both physically and emotionally.

I am grateful that I had the means to move back to Colorado.  As tight as finances may be, we had what we needed to do what we needed to do.  I am grateful for those who were willing to give me another opportunity.  I am grateful to live in a state where I can run outside even in the winter.  I am grateful for a body that, even with challenges, lets me exercise and work on my physical health.